TOPTIER is a Nationwide energy management company

 We help our Generators,suppliers and consumers buy, sell, and manage energy more efficiently, and with less risk........... 

About Us !



We provide comprehensive energy solutions to our customers, including auditing, redesigning and implementing changes to the ways the customer consumes energy, the main goal being improved efficiency.

Other possible services provided include energy infrastructure outsourcing,supply of energy efficient equipment,  energy supply (Renewable), financing and risk management .

We are committed to deliver substantial, cost-effective energy and economic savings in large, medium and small- sized facilities .

Strength S -TOPTIER is enabled by a rich network of IPP's,EPC,Technology and Equipment Supplier and Industry Experts.   

Supply Side Energy Portfoilio Management.

TOPTIER provides expert advice and technical support to a range of organisations in the area of energy supply side optimization,economically cheaper power and engineering. We assist organisations to green their energy supply through renewable energy integration, unlocking opportunities for additional revenue through onsite generation ,sourcing green energy from third party, while also ensuring resilient and robust energy supply infrastructure.Our range of services includes technical support in power engineering, embedded generation in the areas of conventional, renewable and combined heat and power (CHP),  renewable energy systems, project feasibility and due diligence, CHP optimization, renewable energy policy and regulatory support.

We work with a diverse range of organisations in the utilities, IFI & development, government, and private sectors,IPP,energy auditors,epc companies helping our clients meet complex energy supply system challenges. 

 Demand Side Energy Management

A) Energy efficiency in existing facilities and equipment's
An improvement in energy efficiency within your industry can bring significant commercial and environmental benefits. TOPTIER assists industries to find best information for improvement opportunities. 
B) SWITCHING TO Appropriate technologies and Equipments.
Energy-efficient equipment uses less energy to accomplish the same tasks as standard equipment. Switching to more energy-efficient products can reduce your business's energy uses and costs, Also adopting conservation practices(such as turning off idle equipment)can prolong the life of your equipment.

Forecasting&Scheduling As per statutory Requirement (Wind/Solar)

Proactive operation of wind and solar assets through accurate power forecast enabled by artificial intelligence thereby changing the paradigm of traditional resource intensive forecast approaches. 

Software & SOS for plant specific customized Model for Better Accuracy. 

(India-specific product based on guidelines prescribed by  the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)

Building &Energy Management Solution

BEMS connect the building services plant back to a central computer to allow control of on/off times, temperatures, humidity etc. Cables connect the plant through a series of hubs called outstations around the building back to a central supervisor computer where building operators can control the building. Software provides control functions, monitoring, alarms and allows the operators to optimise building performance. BEMS are a critical component to managing energy demand, particularly in large complex buildings and multi building sites  .

Sector Integrated Solutions for Energy Efficiency

We deliver sector specific integrated energy solutions and products guaranteed to:

  • minimise energy use
  • minimise carbon emissions
  • maximise security of energy supply

Wind Energy - Investment Imperatives

  • Long term, safe and profitable investment •
  • Stable and predictable cash flows over 20 years 
  • Decent returns with capital safety 
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Productive assets with attractive long term valuation 
  • No worries of managing the 3 Ms – Market, Material & Manpower 


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Air Circulator

  • Specially designed for installation in false ceiling.
  • Air Conditioned rooms specifically where Hot Pockets Arise and Air Conditioning is in-effective.

  • Fixed into a std 2'X2' ceiling grid &Extremely easy to install.
  • Available with built in LED lamps option.

  • Revolving Louver distributes air in large area.
  • In low ceiling height application are where conventional fans cannot be installed.

Forecasting & Scheduling (WIND/SOLAR)

 Software & SOS for plant specific customized Model for Better Accuracy. 

 (India-specific product based on guidelines prescribed by  the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)) 



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